Sometimes I just sit and wonder why.
All the living things on earth must die?
Why do some animals travel in large packs?
Why do some stores refuse to give cash back?
Why do some people use slang instead of words?
Why people wear sagging pants and look absurd?
Why manufacturers create vehicles with no dip sticks?
Why do women allow men to refer to them as their chick?
Why does the younger generation think they have it figured out?
Why does the defective metabolism of uric acid cause painful gout?
Why do some people use their outside voices when talking and shout?
Why do some fools listen to schemes of others and obey their commands?
Why do people go to beaches and bury their bodies in the scorching hot sand?
Why do we watch horror movies knowing we will be awake in fear at night?
Why do you not see many children out in the wind running flying awesome kites?

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