True Love – A Poem

If Hell hath no fury like a woman Scorned!  Then Heaven hath no peace like one Reborn!  Love turned to hate has immeasurable rage,  When love is real it heals wounds and hate True love never fails.  True love never dies.  True love doesn’t hurt.  Nor make you ask why.  True love is the little … Continue reading True Love – A Poem

United We Stand – A POEM

United we stand! Divided we fall! Strength in numbers with all-hands-on-deck. Our world so divided We should all make a stand and create love for animals and our fellow man. Let us teach the younger generation truth and integrity, so they will have the strength to climb higher mountains. Their shoulders will be strong enough … Continue reading United We Stand – A POEM

I’m Yours and You’re Mine – A Poem

As sprinkles of confetti rained down upon us, You were the surprise I always longed for. Happiness no longer living inside or within, A smile once there, tragically wiped off my face. The love in your laughter feeds my dying heart, Like the warm morning sun, you shine so bright. An old soul I am … Continue reading I’m Yours and You’re Mine – A Poem


Evacuate your mind. Evacuate your heart Evacuate the hate New man new start   Evacuate your soul Deep down within Evacuate the past Evacuate the sin   Evacuate the old And sometimes new Evacuate the jealousy It hurts no one but you   Evacuate life's curses Evacuate the struggles Evacuate childhood fears False evidence appearing … Continue reading EVACUATE – A POEM