The Supremes – I’m Living In Shame!

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I have always been a huge fan of Diana Ross and the Supremes.  My sisters had all their music and I remember hearing their songs played on the record player and my sisters and their friends doing the dances of that time. There was the Mashed Potato, the Chicken Scratch, the Twist, etc. I placed this song on my list of sad songs not too long ago.  The song is actually inspired by the plot of Douglas Sirk’s 1959 film Imitation of Life.” It’s hard to listen to this song and not cry. I love my mother with all my heart and can’t even imagine the thought of anyone being ashamed of their mother.

“I’m Livin’ in Shame” is a 1969 song released for Diana Ross & the Supremes on the Motown label. The sequel to the Supremes’ number-one hit, “Love Child,” the song peaked in the top ten on the US Billboard Hot 100 pop chart at #10 and the top 20 in the UK at #14 in April and May 1969. This song was actually placed in the Psychedelic pop, Psychedelic soul genre.



Mom was cooking bread
She wore a dirty raggety scarf around her head
Always had her stockings low
Rolled to her feet, she just didn’t know
She wore a sloppy dress
Oh no matter how she tried, she always looked a mess
Out of the pot she ate, never used a fork or a dinner plate
I was always so ashamed for my uptown friends to see her
Afraid one day when I was grown that I would be her

In a college town, away from home, a new identity I found
Said I was born elite, with maids and servants at my feet
I must have been insane
I lied and said my mom died on a weekend trip to Spain
She never got out of the house, never even boarded a train
I married a guy, was livin’ high
I didn’t want him to know her
She had a grandson, two years old
I never even showed her

I’m livin’ in shame, Momma, I miss you
I know you are not to blame, Momma, I miss you

Came the telegram
Mom passed away while making homemade jam
Before she died, she cried to see me by her side
She always did her best, ah! cookin’, cleanin’
Always in the same old dress
Workin’ hard down on her knees
Always try’n to please
Momma! Momma! Momma, do you hear me
Momma! Momma! Momma, do you hear me

I’m livin’ in shame, Momma, I miss you
I know you’ve done your best
Momma, I miss you
Won’t you forgive me Momma
For all the wrong I’ve done
I know you have done your best
I know you have done your very best you could
But I never understood
Workin’ hard on your knees
Momma, you were always, always tryin’ to please


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4 thoughts on “The Supremes – I’m Living In Shame!

      1. Usually the lyrics are a bit more simple…and simple isn’t bad…I love the Supremes but this one is more wordy…I like how everything is described.