11 Symptoms of Kidney Disease

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I wanted to post these symptoms of kidney disease due to my being diagnosed a few weeks ago with stage three kidney disease. I can truly say it was a huge shock to me, but it’s also something that I will not allow to take control of my life. I will fight this disease and do all I can to reverse it. I do suffer from high blood pressure, which is now under control. I am eating healthier and staying away from soft drinks and getting as much rest as I possibly can.. Most people don’t have symptoms in the early stages. When chronic kidney disease is advanced, you may:

Below you will find 11 of the symptoms of this disease.

      1.Vomit or feel like you are going to

  1. Pee more or less often than normal
  2. See foam in your urine
  3. Have swelling, especially in your ankles, and puffiness around your eyes
  4. Feel tired or short of breath all the time
  5. Not feel like eating
  6. Not be able to taste much
  7. Have muscle cramps, especially in your legs
  8. Have very dry, itchy skin
  9. Sleep poorly
  10. Lose weight for no obvious reason
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5 thoughts on “11 Symptoms of Kidney Disease

  1. I hope it stays just where it is now and doesn’t go further. Did the doctor think that everything can be contained for a good while? I know kidney problems are no fun. When mine was blocked last year for a few hours…I’ve never felt such misery in my life.

    1. I do too! Yes, the doctor does believe that everything can be contained if I continue following a healthy diet and excercising, I can keep from going any further up the scale to a stage five. That sure isn’t a stage I want to see in my life.

      I’m sure that was misery and a scary situation, on top of the misery, due to the pain, and unknown. I’m so glad you are doing much better now.

      1. Yea but I pretty much knew it would end at some point.
        As dumb as this sounds you will end up much healthier over all because of it. Did they say what causes it? If drinking cokes etc is it then I am in trouble.

        1. Yes, I used to drink way too many Dr. Peppers, but hypertension runs in my family. There have been times when my blood pressure has risen to a high level. It is now under control, but the damage has been done. I am doing everything on my end to repair my kidneys, so I can live a longer life. You are absolutely right; you do end up much healthier because you realize how serious it is and that for me, no Dr. Pepper in the world was worth me going on dialysis or losing a kidney or my life. It whipped me into shape and caused me to use better judgement real quick.

          1. I know what you mean. I have slight high blood pressure but nothing too bad. More the reason for me to get this weight off now.
            You will feel better I’m sure for now on. It’s hard to give up things like that…sweet tea is my weakness…but now for ever glass of tea I drink I also drink the same amount of water…to even it out a little lol.