Aimee Nezhukumaathil -The Woman Who Turned Down a Date with a Cherry Farmer – Poets Who Inspire

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Of course, I regret it. I mean there I was under umbrellas of fruit
so red they had to be borne of Summer, and no other season. 
Flip-flops and fishhooks. Ice cubes made of lemonade and sprigs of mint to slip in blue glasses of tea. I was dusty, my ponytail
all askew and the tips of my fingers ran, of course, red
from the fruit wounds of cherries I plunked into my bucket
and still—he must have seen some small bit of loveliness
in walking his orchard with me. He pointed out which trees
were sweetest, which ones bore double seeds—puffing out
the flesh and oh the surprise on your tongue with two tiny stones
(a twin spit), making a small gun of your mouth. Did I mention
my favorite color is red? His jeans were worn and twisty
around the tops of his boot; his hands thick but careful, 
nimble enough to pull fruit from his trees without tearing
the thin skin; the cherry dust and fingerprints on his eyeglasses. 
I just know when he stuffed his hands in his pockets, said
Okay. Couldn’t hurt to try? and shuffled back to his roadside stand
to arrange his jelly jars and stacks of buckets, I had made
a terrible mistake. I just know my summer would’ve been
full of pies, tartlets, turnovers—so much jubilee. 

6 thoughts on “Aimee Nezhukumaathil -The Woman Who Turned Down a Date with a Cherry Farmer – Poets Who Inspire

    1. Memories is all I can say. I wish I could go back in time for just one day, or two, or three.

      I have been doing well, just trying my best to deal with this heat. Goodness, it is hot here in Texas.
      By the way, I am growing some mint for my tea and lemonade, yummy.

      I hope you and your family are doing well and staying safe.

      1. You and me both…just a few days to feel that innocence again.
        Oh yea as I’ve commented on another post…the reason you didn’t hear from me today much is…my brillant cousin had a yard sale…we helped him…in this weather…we are all beat.

        1. My reply was lost so I had to retype another one.

          So happy you and your family are well, and I truly know how you all must feel after participating in a yard sale in the heat. I have seen several yard sales around my neighborhood and beyond, and everyone looks as though they are doing all they can to beat the heat.

          I am keeping Pedialyte on hand due to muscle cramps from sweating so much. Stay safe!