Martha Reeves & “The Vandellas – Nowhere To Run”

  Photo credits: The great hits of Motown!  It truly had to be a great feeling to be a part of the Motown experience. Even though there were many turmoils back then, the singers were still finding a way to enjoy performing and making a name for themselves.  Martha Reeves & the Vandellas were … Continue reading Martha Reeves & “The Vandellas – Nowhere To Run”

Los Lonely Boys – “Heaven”

  Photo credit:   This is such a beautiful song that brings back many special memories for me. Guitarist Henry Garza wrote the lyrics as a prayer. When he was 18, his son died of sudden infant death syndrome (S.I.D.S). It's about the pain he felt and wanting to escape this world and see … Continue reading Los Lonely Boys – “Heaven”