I Don’t Like Veggies – A Poem

Photo credit: Yahoo.com/images

This cute poem was written by one of my 9-year-old grandsons and myself. He doesn’t like vegetables and was having a hard time one weekend day eating some broccoli that his dad, which is my son wanted him to eat.  After struggling to take a bite of broccoli, he stated, “I don’t like veggies,” that’s when I said to him, “Joshua, why don’t you sit down with grandma after you finish your food and we can write a poem about you not liking veggies.” He agreed and we wrote this poem using many of his own words as to why he doesn’t like veggies.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!                  

I don’t like veggies

they are such a waste

Their colors are pretty

but they taste like paste


I don’t like veggies

they look quite funny

I’d rather eat pancakes

with butter and honey


I don’t like veggies

they don’t taste sweet

Like brownies & cookies

Yum, yum what a treat


Daddy wants me to eat them

Mommy says it’s a must

Grandma hides them in recipes

rolled up in biscuit crust


Veggies are hidden in casseroles

I may have eaten more than I think

Grownups hide them so well

They’re probably hidden in my drinks

Written by: Jasmine Parker and Joshua Bell ©