“Spread Your Wings” – A Poem

Photo credit: Yahoo.com/images

May each hole in your heart is filled with the goodness of love,

and every hurtful thought you ever had will diminish.

Oh, how I wish nothing but positive things for you,

and you will strive to be your best from start to finish.


It will not hurt you to acknowledge your achievements,

believe in yourself, know that you can do all things.

One of the best times to tackle your goals is all day long,

don’t be hard on yourself; go ahead, spread your wings.


Life is full of blocks that will make you stumble,

get up, dust yourself off, and hit the pavement running.

You may cry a river of tears before you achieve your goals,

but you’ve been through the fire and now stand for something.


Don’t get caught up in the world of trying to be someone else,

Take it easy, stay the course, and everything will work out you’ll see.

Take no wooden nickels, be smart, and play the right deck of cards.

when your journey is over and you’ve succeeded, Breathe gently, then, Exhale.


Written by: Jasmine Parker ©