Bettye Swann – “Make Me Yours”

I awoke this morning with this song in my head. This is one of my favorite Old School Classic R & B songs.  I remember as a teenager singing this song and dancing to the beat. It’s so funny now because back then, I was singing a few of the lyrics wrong. It’s still a great song and takes me back down memory lane, and sometimes I just need to go back.

“Make Me Yours” is a 1967 song written by Bettye Swann (Betty Jean Champion) and produced by Arthur Wright, which became a crossover hit for the Louisiana-born Swann. According to, the single peaked at # 1 on the Billboard “Hot R&B” chart for two weeks in July 1967, and also peaked at # 21 on the Pop singles chart.

Song Lyrics – 

I never had a love to call my own

I was about to give up

And then you came along

Just to have your tender kiss

Thrills me for days and days

I don’t care what nobody says

I want you for always

Now that I found you

I want to stay around

So make me yours, make me yours

You already captured my heart and my soul

Now I want you to take full control

I need the love that only you can give

If I can’t have it

I don’t want to live

I never had a love so sweet

I never thought I’d be lucky enough to meet

A guy with all your charms to hold me with loving arms

Make me feel secure and warm

Caused my heart to run

Now that I found you

I want to stay around

So, make me yours, make me yours

Now that I found you I want to stay around

So, make me yours, make me yours

Take me baby if you want me to be

So, whatever you need you can always find in me

Yeah love me and keep me by your side

Wherever you go I’ll always be satisfied

All of my friends said girl don’t

But I know what I need and I know what I want

I want to be yours

You’re the only one

And I will give to you happiness in return

Cause what you need, baby I’ve got it

What you got, I’m just crazy about it

If you’re looking for a love that you’ll never get tired of

Make me yours, make me yours

Baby, make me yours

Not just for a little while

But forever my darling, make me yours

I wanna be yours, baby (make me yours)
So make me yours (make me yours)
Make me your baby (make me yours)

Baby (make me yours)

Baby, I’ve got to be yours (make me yours)

Written by: Bettye Swann.

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