Victorious – ENDzone Volume 1

Congratulations to Ahmad Bell aka "VICTORIOUS" on his new album titled "ENDzone." The album is scheduled to drop on Friday, 08/07/2020, and will be available on Here's a quote from his Facebook page: "Hello, Fam! Everything that has a beginning has an End. I am excited and honored to be sharing my LAST albums … Continue reading Victorious – ENDzone Volume 1

Rare Earth – “I Just Want to Celebrate!”

Photo credit: When listening to this song, you can't help but be thankful and grateful for another day of life.  What a timeless song that still fits in with the times we are living in today! The entire band is just great and the guitar at the beginning of the song can't be beat.  … Continue reading Rare Earth – “I Just Want to Celebrate!”

Grand Funk Railroad – We’re An American Band

Photo This is one of my favorite rock songs and bands.  This song has a bluesy vibe, and Don Brewer sounds like he's been singing the Blues all of his life. The song has a nice beat, great rhythm, and is just fun to dance to, or hit the road, turn the song up … Continue reading Grand Funk Railroad – We’re An American Band

The Baby’s – “Every Time I Think of You”

  "Every Time I Think of You" is a song written by Jack Conrad and Ray Kennedy and released in 1979 as the lead single from The Babys' third studio album Head First; John Waite provided lead vocals featuring female vocals by Myrna Matthews. The track was a worldwide hit and became their last top 20 in the United States. … Continue reading The Baby’s – “Every Time I Think of You”

The Baby’s – “Isn’t it Time” I have always loved this song. It takes me back to my teenage years.  This is another greatly overlooked band from the ’70s.  Their rhythm and beat were on point, the musicianship was awesome, and the lead singer, John Waite, was not only one of the greatest bassists in the industry but also an … Continue reading The Baby’s – “Isn’t it Time”

Badfinger – “Day After Day”

Photo Credit: One of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, and one of the most beautifully written songs of all time.  It is so sad that this great band was taken advantage of by managers who mismanaged their money and hid vital information from them that should have been discussed with … Continue reading Badfinger – “Day After Day”

The 5th Dimension – “One Less Bell to Answer!”

Photo Credit:   This Burt Bacharach/Hal David song was originally written for Keely Smith (Louis Prima's ex-singing partner) but she never recorded it. Hal David on how he came up with the lyrics for this song: "I paid attention to what people said. One time I was at a dinner party when it was … Continue reading The 5th Dimension – “One Less Bell to Answer!”